ISSUE 169 2015 - OUT NOW


Molluscs With IQ by Attila E Kaszo
Whyalla in South Australia seems to be a hotspot when it comes to cuttlefish aggregation. Visitors worldwide go there to see the giant Australian cuttlefish Sepia apama do their thing in huge numbers. This only occurs once a year and over the past few years numbers of these intriguing cephalopods have decreased significantly... Preview


The Bell Boys by Leigh Bishop
The ship’s bell has long been the prime method of identifying a lost shipwreck. It’s also the trophy of desire among wreck divers the world over. Few are lucky enough to find one in their lifetime; others have the skill and knowledge to know exactly where to look... Preview


My Corner is Blue by Glen Cowans & Louise Stazzonelli
In 2014 the President of Palau declared all commercial fishing would be banned in the waters of Palau. This, as well as the banning of shark fishing in 2009, inspired us to return there to see just what was going on with this small island nation... Preview


Diving Mini Breaks - South Pacific by Richard Smith
Planning a big dive holiday can seem like an overwhelming task. They can be expensive and time consuming, both of which can quickly quash your best laid plans. This series covers planning shorter, more manageable trips that fit over a long weekend and won’t break the bank...   Preview


Critter ID by David Mullins
Your critter finds identified by the experts  Preview


Out Of My Comfort Zone by Capt. John Silberberg
I paid someone to make me look bad. He pulled my mask off, ran me out of gas, broke all my dive gear and left me feeling like a newbie who’d just pulled on fins for the first time. As if that wasn’t enough, I went back the next day and let him do it all again...  Preview


Into Pandora’s Box by Pierre Constant
The Seram Sea was a glittering mirror, without even a ripple visible in the morning sun as I poked my head underwater. I suddenly see it: majestic, huge. Approaching head-on, spreading out its wings like a spaceship hovering in mid-air, the creature was intrigued by my presence...    Preview


Boodlea Baffles Biologists by Richard Willan, Alison Perkins & Paul Caiger
Marine organisms are getting transported all around the world by shipping these days. Some foreign ‘pests’ hit the headlines immediately and dramatically, whereas others get introduced, become established, and merge into local ecosystems in new countries ‘below the radar’, where they remain for many years...    Preview


Species Report - Nature’s Purifiers Part 2 by Jorina Van Der Westhuizen
In this issue we focus on colonial ascidians and the different modes of asexual reproduction as well as taking a brief look at lobulation, predators, symbionts and parasites...   Preview


Review by David Mullins – The Invisibility Cloak, a free iBook
At first glance this book looks like an ID guide on Ovulids, the little allied or false cowries. That’s a good reason to add it to your library for identifying these beautiful and intriguing creatures but it is more, much, much more...    Preview


On Site by Kevin Deacon – Peacock Mantis Shrimp With Eggs
The story behind getting the shot, with both technical and critter data...  Preview


Creature Feature by Ken Hoppen – Strange Crustaceans!
One of the main reasons I enjoy diving is that I always manage to see new creatures. Sometimes those animals are well known to science, even though it might be the first time for me...    Preview


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